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AFTER DARK by Michael Kujawski


by Michael Kujawski

396 pages
After Dark -- a world full of life and sorrow.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
After an innocent tourist unexpectedly turns up dead in this thrilling murder mystery, a young couple on the verge of marriage, the county sheriff and a rehabilitated gambling addict join forces to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

Adrienne and Mark are stargazing one romantic night at a scenic observation point in the heavenly Green Pines National Forest. The next morning, Adrienne wakes up to a disturbing phone call from the Kirkville Observer’s city editor, who explains that an apparent homicide took place near the overlook. As ambitious reporters in a rural community, Adrienne and Mark seldom cover high-profile homicide investigations. But in this case, their far-flung conjecture about serious crime has become a harsh reality. Worse yet, they’re both worried about maintaining their passion for newspaper reporting and their devotion to each other. Will the growing murder investigation dramatically change their everyday lives? Are they ready to face the future together?

After Dark combines elements of mystery and romance, with literary humor and sober insight into the alienated lifestyle of the homicidal maniac. Noteworthy are the connections between the pleasant local community and the global village, between neighborhood friends and unreceptive strangers. The story also reveals how diverse personalities cope with the fast pace of change.



About the Author
Michael Kujawski Michael Kujawski works as an English teacher in China. He stresses popular conversational topics like the first day in school, hometown and shopping. He began his writing career as a wire editor and sports editor at daily newspapers.



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