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YES, NO, NOT RIGHT NOW: How God Answers Prayer by Michael D. Guillotte

YES, NO, NOT RIGHT NOW: How God Answers Prayer

by Michael D. Guillotte

174 pages
God always answers prayer, but in His own time.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
Lord, help me, I need money! He's not going to drop it from the sky. But He will lead you to solve your financial problems. Lord, help my garden grow! It rains 23 days out of the next 30. (He turns on His sense of humor). But your garden flourishes! Lord, I need a job. OK, wait two years!

Do you struggle to hear God's voice? Are you full of whys and why nots as to how He answers prayer?

This book was written to demonstrate that God does indeed answer prayer. But, give Him your life, be a disciple, THEN He will answer your prayer!

But God says His ways are not our ways. He will rarely answer the way you expect Him to, so don't blame God when you think you can't see or hear the answer!

God is omnipresent. He's in every molecule, every atom, of the entire universe. Everything is at His disposal, and He can use ANY way He wants to answer us! And the eyes and ears of your heart must be omni-aware of those ways.

This book witnesses to the infinite ways that God has answered prayer in my life. God has communicated with me in ways that can be described as quickly, slowly, seriously, quietly, loudly, and funny, but most of all, AWESOMELY!

I have to confess that although I should be accustomed to hearing from my Creator in such marvelous fashions, I am always surprised! God is THAT creative...He ALWAYS blows me away in the ways that he answers me, the ways that He loves me, and most of all, the stubborn consistency of His faithfulness! I want to shout out to all my readers: GOD IS FAITHFUL!

So if you have ever felt that God does not answer prayer, or even if you want to start experiencing prayer and a relationship with God the ways that I have, hold on to your hat and come for a ride, a FREE ride that God promises to ALL who believe on the name of His son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!



About the Author
Michael Guillotte lives in New England with his wife and four children. Here he writes about the powerful impact God has had on his life, the many ways in which God has answered prayer in both his life and those he writes about. He wishes God's blessings on all!



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