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Never A Dull Moment by Fred Gray

Never A Dull Moment

by Fred Gray

262 pages
A Wyoming man reminisces about his homesteading life.

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Category: Biography
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About the Book
Born in 1899, Claude Gray lived through some of the momentous times of American life, yet the life of a cowboy of Wyoming during this period focused on surviving day-to-day and leaving the world events in the hands of those who didn’t have to work for a living.

He didn’t have an education beyond high school, but he turns out to be an authentic storyteller with wit and many a well-turned phrase. His views of life reflect the times he lived: unselfconscious, opinionated, and bigoted—yet, at the same time, astonishingly accepting of other people’s foibles. Claude writes about events and people largely from the early to mid-period of the 1900s. The content ranges from personal memories to information about the activities of the era.



About the Author
Fred Gray Fred K. Gray, the principal compiler and editor, spent 25 years collecting and organizing Claude's bits and pieces of writing. Fred recognized that his brother's story revealed more than Claude's life but so many like him. He may not have written the text, but his efforts brought it to life.



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