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Bride's Game by Nuala Lyons

Bride's Game

by Nuala Lyons

267 pages
A dead female footballer, a shallow grave. Detective Monaghan investigates

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
GAA women's football is Bride's game and because she's been the top scorer in the team it's problematic that a new player, Jackie, challenges her for that place. Bride takes it in her stride and competes until one day the young brilliant, but unreliable forward doesn't turn up for the semifinal of the Champions Cup match.

Cormac Flynn, an up and coming sculptor, wants Bride to have an affair with him but she scorns his advances. He is at the match and follows her to a nearby copse of trees where she has gone to retrieve a ball. In the midst of the undergrowth he finds her unconscious beside an unmarked grave.

Why has Bride collapsed? Who is buried beneath the trees? Why is Cormac attacked when he returns to his home? Why does the Insurance Company insist on a special Security presence at his house beside the Blessington Lakes?



About the Author
Nuala Lyons has written reviews, and short stories for Science Fiction. She was published in Woman's Magazines, was on the Board of Children's Books Ireland. Her first children's novel 'Call of Friendship' was reviewed on RTE, in newspapers and magazines. She is Irish and lives with her husband in Dublin.



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