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They called him the Master of Word-writer, voyager, wanderer...

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About the Book
They called him the Master of Word, because of his powerful descriptions of his search for meaning in life and love. But for him, words are more than just descriptive tools. They are his weapons for the relentless fight against his worst enemies… ultimate unhappiness and the abhorrent absence of meaning in his life. These words, his weapons are his loyal friends that fill him with strength, they are a channel through which he finds temporary refuge and relaxation from the onerous burden of searching. His name is Moriyan…. searcher, voyager.

We follow his life through his missives, wondrous letters that arrive at a small town, settled in a beautiful valley, where they are received with joy and excitement. This small town is transformed into a theatre where the citizens become the audience, Moriyan is the invisible actor, his letters are the dark stage, and his words are the tools that create pictures, acts, and thoughts for the audience. From letter to letter, in their almost hypnotized minds, Moriyan is transcends from just a small ordinary man to become an amazing extraordinary man, a national hero, a legend. His ability to challenge life’s boring monotony, to dare to reject the false "happiness" of provincialism, presents a growing challenge to their low level of consciousness and mere existence. In him they begin to comprehend why they are unwilling or unable to question life, and to elevate their minds and souls above the tedium of their existence. In his adventures they find the peace and comfort of dreams from long ago, from the time before life’s strugglers and burdens sapped their energy.

The story is even more intriguing with another invisible actor on stage, Kaya, a most mysterious, beautiful women. At first she appears as a real woman, who Moriyan fearfully attempts to convince to give him her heart because she loves him, while not wishing to accept that fact. But from missive to missive we see that she gradually loses her form and substance, and transforms, becoming more and more illusive. She is both his best friend and his worst enemy. Moriyan’s deep conviction is that she is his redemption, that in her acceptance of him as lover he will come to the end of his search. But she is reluctant, she doesn’t know what to do, even though she is attracted to him, and recognizes his love and passion toward her. And so she tortures him, repeatedly tests his love without remorse, drives him crazy and causes him to lose his way. The more he struggles with her deceptions and illusiveness, the more he slowly begins to realise that she is not his redemption.



About the Author
Jeremy Petro is a freelancer, short story author, and a poet. He won several short story and poetry contests in Europe and North America. He spent some time working as a journalist and editor of a local educational magazine. Moriyan is his first novel. Jeremy lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his wife, Lillian, and three step-children.



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