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GHOST WARRIOR: A Ghost Warrior Adventure - Book I by Matthew Mark Lukenjon

GHOST WARRIOR: A Ghost Warrior Adventure - Book I

by Matthew Mark Lukenjon

74 pages
Three boys and a dog attack life's lessons with Gusto.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
A birthday opens the door for David and his two best friends to join the Cub Scouts which means fun and adventure. Indian George shows the boys how to make a dugout canoe which takes them on an exciting adventure down the Truckee River all the way to Reno. Along the way the boys learn about the price of friendship, the dividends of trusting parents and that BEING A KID IS REALLY NEAT!!!

Donner Lake was like Disney Land to these three friends. They had mountains to climb, streams to fish, mountain lakes to camp at and endless deer trails to follow. David’s 10th birthday opens the door to the excitement of the Cub Scout Group and opportunities for making neat things and learning new skills. Like Alice stepping through the looking glass the Cub Scouts opened doors of adventure that would rattle the cages of these close friends. Indian George was a Washoe Indian who lived in Truckee and was David's friend. When he showed the kids how to make the Ghost Warrior canoe the boy’s world opened up and stretched from east to west on Donner lake and, as a surprise from their parents, took the boys on an exciting trip down the wild Truckee river where they were hailed as hero’s and skilled boat builders by the local Reno TV crew.

These boys and Tippy the Wonder Mutt will steal your heart, tickle your funny bone and treat you to smiles and tears as they attack life with the unmistakable gusto of the young. The boys trial and error approach to life sent the youngsters down a lot of wrong roads but the bonds of friendship grew stronger in spite of the hitches in the get along that slowed them down like chores and being grounded for really bonehead choices they sometime made. Through it all though these intrepid searchers of the hidden treasures of life never once doubted that they could build anything, do anything, fix anything, try anything and if all else failed to wish upon a star because you never know where answers may be found. At the end of the day these boys knew one thing for absolutely, positively, no questions asked, sure. BEING A KID IS REALLY NEAT!!!



About the Author
Matthew Mark Lukenjon The author of the Ghost Warrior series grew up at Donner Lake California. He has 4 college degrees 10 Grandchildren says he is approaching "Older Than Dirt" status and loves life with all it's follies and foibles that bring such rich flavors to living.



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