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LOVE'S LAST EMBRACE: An Adirondack Secret by Daniel Moynihan

LOVE'S LAST EMBRACE: An Adirondack Secret

by Daniel Moynihan

262 pages
An Adirondack secret threatens the lives of the Millers.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
In this pulse-pounding sequel to Time In The Mist and Dreamscape, Tom and Lindsey Millerís Central Adirondack home on Fourth Lake is broken into by militant soldiers from mainland China. What secrets do the Millers hide that would make a Chinese leader so desperate to uncover?

As the world is rocked with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and wars, the Millers must once again learn to adapt and survive while being pursued by this unrelenting Chinese General.

Will Tom and Lindsey be able to protect their infant daughter and themselves from their pursuers as the world they know faces its most uncertain hour?



About the Author
DANIEL MOYNIHAN has taught Bible Studies at various churches all over New York State. He was an associate pastor at Abundant Life Fellowship in Boonville, New York, for ten years.



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