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The Utah Flu by Woodrow Wilson

The Utah Flu

by Woodrow Wilson

212 pages
Deadly, incurable and spreading fast: What is The Utah Flu?

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
A new disease is spreading across the country. With no known treatment, the death toll is climbing. The Centers for Disease Control must act before it becomes epidemic.

Where did it come from? CDC data say Utah! Could it have escaped from biological weapons abandoned there fifty years ago? Anthrax-like, but contagious and antibiotic-resistant: could this be a bioengineered weapon? The Army swears it couldn’t be anthrax … and if it is, it isn’t theirs.

Ranges where biological weapons were once tested are still in use today. An army private who worked on one was among the first fatalities. Sleeping weapons never die. Could he have wakened one? Is this a germ warfare accident?

A zealot with a history of violence in Latin political causes died after flying home from Barcelona. A few fellow passengers and crew began dying soon after. If he was the source, could this be a bioterrorism tactic—the suicide disease vector? Could he be an innocent victim or is he a kamikaze for Basque terrorists – is this epidemic natural or the first wave of an attack? CDC’s Dr. Jack Reagan and the Army’s Lt. Col. Uma Hees track the source down before the terrorists can strike again.


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About the Author
Woodrow Wilson is a Caltech PhD with a career of research and development for the defense community. He supported programs developing medical protection against nuclear, biological and chemical threats as well as against indigenous diseases. His acquaintance with military medical research adds reality to his medical mystery The Utah Flu



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