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WHAT SALVATION IS by Allan Thompson


by Allan Thompson

272 pages
Twenty-nine testimonies of God's personal salvation through Jesus Christ.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
WHAT SALVATION IS includes twenty-nine testimonies of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The testimonies begin with Author Allan Thompson's own experience with the living God in 1991. At that time, Allan was forty-eight years old and was an alcoholic living a lifestyle far from God's will. God reached down and pulled Allan from the "miry clay" of his lost life and set his feet on the Rock, Jesus Christ.

Allan's conversion was dramatic. God instantly removed his desire for alcohol and led him into a series of supernatural encounters where Allan learned of the Holy Spirit's presence and work. Allan's eyes were opened to a whole new spiritual world and he sought all the information on spirituality and Christianity that he could find. This hunger to know God better led to a Master of Divinity degree from seminary and a position as an ordained minister and jail chaplain.

Allan became so intrigued by what had happened to him that he has spent much of the past twenty-plus years seeking to learn more about God's supernatural redemption. In this, his second book, Allan shares much of what he has learned through the telling of God's saving work in the life of the Apostle Paul, the "prototypical" salvation story.

Allan then writes of God's involvement in the lives of some well-known Christians through the centuries. He also addresses God's saving work in many Christians living today.

God's plan of salvation has never changed and it never will. It is as real and powerful today as it was in the time of the early church. Allan states that the meaning of life is to repent, accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and then prayerfully seek His will and walk in it obediently. As an individual follows the Lord, he or she will become more and more like Christ. This life of Christ reflects from the believer and draws others to Jesus. This leads to lives overflowing with peace, love, and joy on earth. In heaven, these believers will dwell with God for eternity.



About the Author
Allan Thompson Allan was saved at forty-eight in 1991. Until then, he had no knowledge that a personal relationship with a living God was possible. God led Allan from a lost, secular life to earn a Master of Divinity and to become an ordained jail chaplain sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



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