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SHIRLEY HOMES: The Case of the Missing Client by Ellen Lockwood

SHIRLEY HOMES: The Case of the Missing Client

by Ellen Lockwood

160 pages
Intriguing humorous mystery with deception, kidnapping and secret lives uncovered.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
A spunky, single, pleasingly plump, 35 year old woman who has not found success in traditional roles or the corporate environment decides to try her hand at becoming a private detective.

Shirley Homes is a woman with courage and a sense of humor that is often under appreciated. She wants to find freedom in setting her own schedule and has visions of an office that would rival the office of Bill Gates.

When Shirley sees an ad on the side of a bus about becoming a private detective she decides to take the class. With her enthusiasm for snooping and her love of gossip it seems that this would be the perfect profession for her.

After a string of failed interviews Shirley finally meets her first client Marigold Ashford and her adventures begin.

During the case Shirley meets a lot of interesting characters and has no idea how this one case will change her life forever.



About the Author
Ellen Lockwood Ellen Lockwood has published white papers, written children's stories as well as stories and skits for adults. Ellen and her husband live in Georgia with their two dogs. They are both animal lovers and have rescued many cats and dogs over the years.



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