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HAUNTED BY SHADOWS: Syn's Regret - The Trilogy of Syn Book 1 by Jake Combs

HAUNTED BY SHADOWS: Syn's Regret - The Trilogy of Syn Book 1

by Jake Combs

370 pages
science fiction, zombies, spy, space, technology, novel, secret agent, space

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
In the distant future the Federation of Planets reigns supreme. To keep their subjects in line, they deploy their hunter/killer squads. One such squad is sent to the barren world of Razzen to quell the gang threat that has nearly consumed the planet. Syn and his team have been ordered to eliminate and replace the gangs with Federation loyal soldiers in order to mask a secret mining operation. Unrest and rebellion runs rampant through the Federation and only these squads will do what is necessary to keep order. What happens when those that are in a position to lead do so only for their own gain? Synís family is just one more casualty in the war for order. Now Syn must follow every instruction and order from his superiors and in the process hopefully find the cure to save his wife and two children from a man-made disease. The disease that afflicts them is so heinous that it not only kills the infected but brings their corpses back to life. In a universe where the dead can return to hunt and kill the living, the military murders millions for their own gain and in a world without law, if the gangs donít kill him and his team, the environment surely will.



About the Author
Jake Combs Jake Combs has been a writer for over 20 years resulting in a myriad of short stories. In 2013 he graduated with a Bachelorís degree in Electronics Engineering from ITT Technical Institute.

Jake calls Arizona home with his beautiful wife Afton and their two amazing children.



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