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MANNA GATHERING: Fresh Insights Into The Heart Of The Gospels by Jean Allen

MANNA GATHERING: Fresh Insights Into The Heart Of The Gospels

by Jean Allen

710 pages
Reflections on the three year cycle of Sunday Gospel readings.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
The Gospels are so familiar that itís often a struggle to pay attention when we hear them proclaimed at our Liturgies throughout the three-year Lectionary cycle. Manna Gathering brings new perspectives to these readings, emphasizing the God who interacts with us with immense compassion, who is in love with us and who wants nothing more than to have us realize that we are his amazing works of art. Every reflection is grounded in real life yet draws us deeper into a spiritual journey toward inner freedom by encouraging us to let go of old, and often distorted, conceptions of who God really is and of who we really are.

While the title Manna Gathering does refer to the act of seeking out the abundant food God provides for our journeys, it also communicates who we are as a people: a gathering, a community and a Royal Priesthood called to be bread and healing for each other and for a hurting world.

Manna Gatheringís reflections are a wonderful resource not only for individual spiritual growth but also for bible study groups and other small groups where the spiritual life is shared and discussed. Manna Gathering also offers insights that homilists will find helpful in preparing talks or Sunday homilies.



About the Author
While Jean Allen is experienced in spiritual leadership, the fodder for the Manna Gathering reflections didnít come from leadership roles. Rather, it came from paying attention to Godís presence within marriage, motherhood, business and parish involvement. She is retired and lives with her husband in Victoria, B.C.



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