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SHOOTER by Nuala Lyons


by Nuala Lyons

199 pages
Orla's love for Ann makes her a target for criminals.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
When youíve been used to the laughter and love of an older sister itís difficult when she changes and becomes a slave to drugs. Orla tries to adapt to the changes in her life and the life of her addicted sister.

One day Ann phones Orla telling her that she's dying because she need drugs and can't get them. When Orla goes to help, Ann begs her sister not to let her die. Putting aside her unease about supplying her with drugs, Orla dresses in Ann's clothes and goes to Temple Bar Square to meet with Ann's boyfriend, who is a pusher.

The Shooter is a story of love and trust. It tells how Orla gets sucked into the war between the pusher and the drug Boss and cannot tell her parents because Ann will suffer. Cathal, her boyfriend, says he will help but can she let him, when he, also may be targeted by these drug criminals.



About the Author
Nuala Lyons was first published in women's magazines. She worked with the 'writers in schools' section in Poetry Ireland and served on the Board of Children's Books Ireland. Her home is in Dublin, Ireland where she lives with her husband. Nuala writes Y/A and Adult novels.



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