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What Every Waxer Needs to Know About Inflammation by Judy Fleming Zifka

What Every Waxer Needs to Know About Inflammation

by Judy Fleming Zifka

360 pages
What every waxer needs to know about inflammation.

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Category: Education
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About the Book
What can removing hair tell us about inflammation? When inflammation is examined from the perspective of hair removal, it reveals unexpected insights into the immune system, the nervous system, and even our evolution as humans. Most importantly for waxing professionals, this perspective provides a new way of understanding what causes inflammation during waxing, and offers several new and innovative strategies for suppressing it.

The first section of the book deals with the theory of inflammation, and draws from a broad array of modern research to develop a working model for waxers that explains the environment of inflammation in a way that is easy to understand yet solidly based in science.

The second section provides numerous techniques for implementing these ideas into a waxing business with little or no financial investment.

For the waxer who wants to excel in their field and provide the highest level of service, these techniques provide a new level of care for waxing clients that will help ensure a long lasting and successful business.

Ideal for the experienced waxer as well as someone just entering the field. Packed with information that will make this the best investment you ever made in your waxing career.



About the Author
Judy Fleming Zifka As a professional waxer, Judy has spent more than a dozen years seeking out the best practices for her waxing business. She now combines her expertise as a waxer with her equally impressive background in science to explain inflammation with remarkable clarity. Her style is refreshing and easy to read.



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