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The Execution of Innocence by Reinar Christian

The Execution of Innocence

by Reinar Christian

388 pages
Adventure surrounding nine year old genius in a secret facility.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
After a tragic accident that rips the young boy from his mother, nine-year-old prodigy, Danny Wallace awakens, frightened, confused and alone, in a secret underground facility. An unwitting participant in a Department of Defense-funded experiment designed to expedite the brains ability to learn; Danny is pitted in competition against another boy, Alex; a “friend” from his past, all to fulfill the self-serving agenda of renown genetic scientist, Dr. Julius Duvall.

With the help of his compassionate nurse Sharon, Danny finds the accidents and coincidences occurring in his life are not as random or innocent as they seem.

Before the project is complete, funding on the experiment is pulled, causing the closure of the facility. Sharon is forced to leave unexpectedly and prematurely, just barely able to slip Danny a message; "wait here, I’ll be back to get you."

Twenty years pass, and Danny is still waiting…still alone…still learning.

Danny, now a man, happens upon Ali and her son Mason, caught in a storm while motorcycle riding. Both in dire need of medical attention, he brings them back to the facility. During their rehabilitation, Ali helps Danny assemble his fragmented life. With the placement of each piece of the puzzle, blossoms an unexpected closeness that neither Ali or Danny expected, but which both are ready to explore.

Danny’s life starts to take on a long-awaited normalcy, until the malevolent Doctor and Alex return to give Danny’s life, “a sense of closure.”



About the Author
Reinar Christian has authored numerous heavy equipment articles and manuals including, The Backhoe Loader Handbook, and Excavator Handbook, as well as a recently released children’s book; Nate, The New Bus on the Block. His first novel, The Execution of Innocence is an exciting ride…sure to leave the reader wanting more.



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