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From the Front Porch: Morning Coffee Meditations - Volume 1 by Laura Lander

From the Front Porch: Morning Coffee Meditations - Volume 1

by Laura Lander

72 pages
A collection of wisdom and insights for living with awareness.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
From the Front Porch: Morning Coffee Meditations, Volume One is the first collection of short and simple, thoughtful insights that author Laura Lander sends to her readers via email each week. These messages have their origin in Laura’s own practice of spending quiet time early each morning in the rocking chair on her front porch, as described in her first book, Chapters From the Farmhouse Journal, Tales of Synchronicity and Grace. Each meditation is based on her personal experiences of current joys and challenges and reflects the inner wisdom and guidance that comes from pausing to contemplate a life lived with awareness.

Thoughts on noticing grace, finding beauty, living in gratitude and love of self appear shoulder to shoulder with perspectives on friction in relationships, emotional emptiness, life choices. A personal recipe for mirth and a gentle welcome of a newborn granddaughter are interspersed with insights on nature and divinity.

The weekly posts began as Laura’s way to keep in touch with her readers. At the beginning of each week, one meditation, simply worded, appears in the email inboxes of her subscribers. Appreciative feedback comes in the form of email replies that assert that a particular post was especially meaningful to someone in their personal situation, or contained a message that they very much needed to hear that day. Some readers have even asked for specific messages to be re-sent, ones that they printed out but somehow misplaced. Others have requested a published collection to keep and to share with others.

This volume gathers a year’s worth of posts to be easily read and re-read and passed on to friends. Readers may find these words useful for their own daily meditation time, or simply as a source of ideas to consider and “apply as needed” to their lives and relationships.


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About the Author
Laura Lander Well into her second-half-of-life adventure, Laura Lander continues to find her days ever more engaging. In 2016, pursuing a life-long dream of living in New England, she relocated from Kentucky to Maine where she writes, paints and explores her new environs. Laura is a practitioner of shamanic healing.



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