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Friendly Invasion by Daniel Turner

Friendly Invasion

by Daniel Turner

530 pages
Advanced alien technology threatens Earth's economic establishments -- SF adventure/comedy.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Friendly Invasion is a science fiction adventure and romantic comedy set in the 22nd Century. Futuristic technology and concepts in this novel are intended to be reasonably plausible based on science as we know it today. For example, alien "flying saucers" in this story are limited to rates of acceleration comfortable to passengers with biological limitations similar to our own. The action takes place on Earth and in our inner solar system. Here's a capsule introduction to the book:

Harmless Visit?... or Alien Invasion? The Zini abandoned their frozen planet millions of years ago and travel the galaxy at ten thousand miles per second in comfortable, giant, squirrel-cage habitats, taking hundreds of years for each interstellar transit. Their habitats donít stop, but as they pass by a star they drop off flying saucers with personnel and supplies appropriate to the local challenge.

Friendly Invasion opens as one of these habitats approaches. The arriving expedition will support other aliens already here who have been studying Earth for thousands of years, waiting for the right time to make contact. But the wait is over because humans have discovered their locally built "counterplanet" hidden in the asteroid belt. And the shock of this discovery is reverberating, posing huge social, economic and political challenges to Earth's establishments. This is a fast-paced read, replete with conflict, romance, humor, and friendly persuasion.



About the Author
The son of a diplomat, Daniel Turner grew up in Asia. After serving as an aircraft electronics technician for the Marines he earned a degree in construction economics. Then he worked as an economic consultant; transitioning into software and computer facilities contracting. A previous novel, Twillinger's Voyage was published in England.



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