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Adele: Two Girls. Two Paths. One Revolution. by Elisha Wahlquist

Adele: Two Girls. Two Paths. One Revolution.

by Elisha Wahlquist

566 pages
Two cousins find themselves trapped in the onrushing French Revolution.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
An epic tale of two aristocratic families poised at the brink of the French Revolution. Adele and her cousin Stephanie face their “coming of age” as plots and liaisons intertwine to trap them. Each has choices to make… which path will they choose?

A secret passage, high intrigue, a wayward maid, and the pressure of being a salonnière help Adele to grow up as society collapses around her. After moving to Paris, she and her family face class tensions, political machinations, thieves, and traitors as they seek to apply God’s principles to the often-terrifying situations around them. Adele discovers, when faced with an arranged marriage, that she loves another—can she conquer?

In contrast, Adele’s cousins embrace the godless ideals of the Revolution. Selfish, flirtatious Stephanie is brilliant and beautiful—living every girl’s dream. What happens when she encounters an unscrupulous, handsome patriot named Gaston? Her brother Leuren plunges headforemost into the Revolution—only to find his conscience reproaching him as his companions participate in murder. And what does Philip de la Noye, a handsome aristocrat (and former beau of Adele’s mother), and a sans-culotte have in common? Or Denis, the Machiavellian valet of Adele’s father—what use is he making of the Revolution?

Adele’s brother Honore and his friend Tristan find themselves drawn into the depths of midnight Paris as they seek to unravel the threads. Denis seeks revenge; the over-arching storm of the Revolution breaks over their heads, and the September Massacres loom. Will they find the answers? And if they do, will it be too late to save their own lives?



About the Author
Elisha Wahlquist An avid historian, Elisha Wahlquist shares her love of history with young people in a compelling and entertaining way. She enjoys playing her great-grandfather’s violin and sharing the adventures of her large family in Texas.



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