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Perfect Plan II by Brett Diffley

Perfect Plan II

by Brett Diffley

344 pages
Perfect Plan II is the continuation of the Davenport series, which brings several topics together in a thrilling, heart-pounding storyline that’s not only believable but fun to read.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
2017 Pinnacle Award Winner! Best Book in the Category of THRILLER.

Perfect Plan II is the continuation of the Davenport series, which brings several topics together in a thrilling, heart-pounding storyline that’s not only believable and filled with hope, but fun to read.

Exiled to the remote mountains of Northern Syria, Kalib Akmalit has waited a full year, planning and biding his time for avenging his brother’s death, a dark family past, and the downfall of Corporate Affairs—the company that made millions legally throughout the globe, but billions in the dark world of the slave market. Akmalit’s deep-seated hatred is directed at the Davenports, the family solely responsible and owners of Crude Technologies—the world’s foremost company in oil spill cleanup with three fleets around the globe. But this seething hatred has been hidden for years, festering, until the recent incursion into Corporate Affairs and the loss of his brother. Now the tactician unleashes his plan of redemption, and to permanently sever the long lasting—and volatile—relationship of two families.

Reed Davenport lives to make a difference, as he balances his life between the oil clean-up giant, the sanctuary, and also between man and nature itself—while fighting for both. His five-hundred-square-mile sanctuary is a huge part of that process, intended to protect some of the world’s endangered animals. Located outside the comfortable borders of the United States, this leads to the ultimate confrontation when Reed Davenport and his best friend True John, captain of the oil-skimmer Arc Angel, have been lured to the sanctuary under the premise of finding poachers that are raiding Reed’s private reserve. But this is a well-laid trap, leaving them out of communication from the outside world. They’re also be vulnerable, outnumbered, and struggling to survive in the secluded mountainous country. At the same time, this leaves the entire Davenport family and Crude Technologies unsuspecting and susceptible as this ruthless adversary sets his multidimensional plan into motion, leaving a trail of intrigue and suspense to the final page.


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About the Author
Brett Diffley Author- Brett Diffley
Born in Anchorage, Alaska.
Raised in Tri-Cities, Washington.
Graduated from Finley High School
Living in Black Diamond, Washington

Adventure lurks in the soul of each of us to varying degrees, and there are some of us that seek it out, making us better for it. It’s these experiences that give him incites as a writer, and it’s his overwhelming creativity that makes him a great story teller. In addition to writing, Brett is also a fixed-wing pilot, helicopter flight instructor, commercial diver, professional dog trainer, self-employed entrepreneur (patented a line of water toys, and wake training-board), as well as both a commercial crab / fisherman in Alaska, and a trained assassin.



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