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Attack from Within by Kathleen Sales

Attack from Within

by Kathleen Sales

222 pages
A gripping story of recovery from war-induced stress.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
When Pete Martin comes home from Vietnam, where he served as a Navy corpsman out with the Marines, he can barely remember his last mission. He knows his general discharge wonít satisfy his pa, a WWII veteran with a trigger temper, but he canít explain what he doesnít recall. Although Lee, Peteís best friend, tries to intervene, Pa attacks. Pete retreats to Leeís apartment to recover and then decides to leave Tennessee.

In Detroit, Pete finds work in construction, but during his first day, his money disappears. Without food or money, he accepts help from a drug dealer named Vic. Pete moves into Vicís house, which he shares with a mixed group of inner city folks. Comfortable in that setting, Pete doesnít see the danger.

When Pete tries to protect his friend Vic from an enforcer, heís drawn into the underworld of drugs. And while trying to impress a girl, he volunteers at a free clinic and works there throughout the deadly í67 riots. When the violence brings up memories and flashbacks to Vietnam, Pete struggles to remember what happened that last mission. But his loyalty to housemates drags him deeper into danger.

A drug war forces Pete to return to Tennessee, but itís not until he returns to San Diego that he uncovers all the pieces of his past. Helped by his wartime buddies, his girlfriend, and a WWII survivor turned therapist, Pete finally grapples with his inner demons and is able to focus on the future.

Attack from Within follows Saving Superman, a story of Peteís early years and winner of IRDA Approved Sticker, Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, and 5 star reviews. This sequel features fast-paced action as it unravels a wartime mystery. But the insight it provides into the mind of a survivor is what makes this story gutsy and inspiring.



About the Author
Kathleen Sales is a retired psychiatrist, educated in Michigan and California, earning Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Omega Alpha awards. She worked for forty years, mostly in rural areas of East Tennessee. Starting with her residency at a VA hospital, sheís helped many abused and traumatized people recover from PTSD.



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