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Two Pairs of Six-inch Heels and One Comfortable Shoe by Amy E. Reichert

Two Pairs of Six-inch Heels and One Comfortable Shoe

by Amy E. Reichert

198 pages
Passionate story about the drive to control one’s life path.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
After a childhood of farm life and work, three sisters break away to create and live the lives they’ve dreamed about. They are independent working women who quietly and purposely strive to control their own destinies.

Marriage, childbirth, death and all the smaller pieces of life’s colorful puzzle come together and culminate in a shared lifetime of memories and dreams realized or left behind.

Two of the sisters share a love of colorful high heel shoes and one prefers a more comfortable shoe. Each sister walks in her own shoes as their lives intertwine moving from home to independence and back home again sharing their own brand of love, passion, pain, and a propensity for donuts and coffee.



About the Author
Amy E. Reichert Amy E. Reichert lives in northern Colorado. She loves animals and stories about women’s lives and history. Amy is an established freelance writer for technology related articles and graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver. Her favorite authors include: Alice Walker, May Sarton, Margaret Atwood and James Herriot.



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