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Holding On: The Story of a Rape Survival in Light of God's Grace by Patricia Princeton

Holding On: The Story of a Rape Survival in Light of God's Grace

by Patricia Princeton

124 pages
The story of survival, endurance, faith, determination, recovery and justice.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
This is the story about a stalking, rape and kidnapping that happened thirty years ago. It has taken this long for the author to reach the point where she can write about it. The pressing belief that sharing the story can help someone else was the motivation for writing the book. Giving up or giving in to the Darkness and you will be destroyed. With willful, focused determination recovery is possible.

The whole thing started when a man in line at the local drugstore struck up a conversation with her. She thought it was just the innocent flirtation of a harmless stranger. What followed was the worst experience of Princetonís life.

The mind-numbing trauma of being stalked, captured, held prisoner, terrorized, repeatedly raped, dehumanized then dragged away in full view of witnesses to a wooded area was something Princeton couldnít speak of except in the initial statement to the police and then later at the trial.

This horror lasted nearly twenty-four hours before she was able to escape. Patricia Princeton has always seen Godís presence and protection as the reason she survived. She feels that the minute miracles of Godís timing also contributed to her survival and vindication.

Now, after years of therapy and continued recovery the journey through darkness back to normal is over. She thinks itís time to share her story. Hopefully it will be inspirational, helpful and encouraging to anyone needing a reason for holding on even in the face of outrageous circumstances.


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About the Author
Patricia Princeton overcame a difficult childhood and adolescence to achieve her goal of becoming an art teacher. A chance meeting with a stranger, who struck up an apparently innocent conversation, almost destroyed her. It took years of therapy to help her recover and she got her life back.



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