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CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE: A Metaphysical Journey by Myrna Lou Goldbaum

CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE: A Metaphysical Journey

by Myrna Lou Goldbaum

158 pages
The death of a parent turns hate into love.

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About the Book
Cruise to the Other Side is a paranormal book. A dysfunctional mother, Shirley and her daughter Reggie embark on a Caribbean cruise vacation. Reggie has not outgrown her teenage spitefulness or mean spirited back talk, now age 32. They go shopping in St Thomas and have a nasty fight in a dockside restaurant. Reggie tells her mother to return to the ship as she needs alone time.

Walking in town, alone, Reggie discovers an occult gift shop and sits down for a shell reading. She was invited into the shop for a palm reading by an older native woman. Her reading hits home on all fronts.She learns she must return to the ship immediately to patch up their broken relationship or harm will come to her mother.

Meanwhile Shirley, in pain and angry, falls on the atrium steps on the ship and is taken to the Medical Center for treatment. She dies and is moved to the ship’s Morgue. Her mind had not made the transition when the realization hit her; she must contact her daughter while they are still on board to let her know she is OK with what happened.

Reggie decides to swim in the against-the-current pool and almost drowns trying to release some of the pent up tension and guilt she has been experiencing. Sara, sitting by the pool, saves her. She is a psychic.

Shirley constantly dreams up numerous schemes to get her daughter’s attention from the other side. Reggie doesn’t understand what has been happening to her and spills it all to Sara who explains the nature of metaphysics and the hereafter to her.

Once home Reggie takes on responsibility as a woman, no longer girl. She sees visions of her mother and is contacted by her Guardian Angel in Shirley’s condo. She calls a psychic radio show for help in reading a map left by Shirley that shows where she hid a treasure chest of money for her. She purchases a crystal ball, is almost duped by an imposter posing as a radio show producer, is almost mugged by two homeless men, and is finally joined by her estranged husband.Together they search for the treasure trove.



About the Author
Myrna Lou Goldbaum Myrna Lou Goldbaum has read palms for 64 years with documentation of 53,000 hands. She is a published author with May I See Your Hand? Soul Mate Connections and Diary of a Palm Reader. Palmistry was the inspiration for Cruise to the Other Side, A Metaphysical Journey.



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