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STANDING STILL by Phillip J. Hubbell


by Phillip J. Hubbell

394 pages
We stand still for an eternity. Then we emerge.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
People look at the experience of life from the perspective of living in it. What this means is that during our short time here on Earth we try to live up to the expectation of others, the expectations we set for us plus the cold hard truth of how life works out. Standing Still makes the case for an objective view. Putting aside the creeds and dogmas, the cultures and the perceived nature of man, this book asksÖ What is it really all about? How would we react to things if not saddled with mortality? How would we view the world if suddenly we understood why we are here? Most important, given that perspective, how would we act?

This is a book about journeys. Itís a book about sensations, memories, desires and fears. Stand still is what we do when we die. Itís what a lot of us do when we live. We stand still in this cocoon, this shell of a self-described reason for living. The world as presented to us is not what it appears at all. Life is so brief that by the time we figure it out or even if we figure it out, itís often too late to matter. This is why the afterlife is so long. The revelation of why we exist requires time to act. What we donít know in the beginning is that time is our greatest asset.

Standing Still takes the narrators life from early childhood as a biological human through the long haul of whatís coming next and out the other side to where we are reunited with people. The three phases of life: sensation, ideas and purpose, are covered here. At the end of time and space lies the beginning of a new reality for mankind. We stand still in space when we die. We are beings of imagination and free will without consequence. The wonders of our universe depend on what we build. We are the makers of worlds. We are the creators of lives. We are the gods of our fate. We complete lifeís long journey only to become something unexpectedÖ ourselves.



About the Author
Phillip J Hubbell lives in Nebraska with his wife Sue. Phillip has three grown children. He is the author of Godís Motive and Infinity Squared. This is Phillip's fourth book.



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