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Kofi, a Child of Laviť by Kofi Amouzou

Kofi, a Child of Laviť

by Kofi Amouzou

178 pages
A heart-tugging tale of an African boy's quest for education.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Kofi doesnít care for the back breaking work of the farm. He would rather be back in the village of mud huts, Laviť, building cars from tin cans, dancing to the rhythms of the nightly drum circle or bathing in the townís stream. But every day when he is not in school, he and his six siblings must make the two-hour trip in flip flops to clear the African soil and plant the crops his family needs to eat.

Kofi would also prefer to be in school, learning about the great African kings of the past. But school in the country of Togo is not free. It costs one dollar a year per student. Kofiís parents try everything they can think of to pay those fees for their seven children: turning unsold cassava into more marketable gari, doing logging work, and even, taking a turn as a magician.

When Kofi turns thirteen, the worst happens. There is no more money to pay the fees. Out of school and facing a future of working on the farm, he despairs. What happens next will tug at your heartstrings as Laviť comes to the rescue in an unexpected way.



About the Author
Laviť is Kofi Amouzouís much-loved home. He likes it so much it took only a few questions from a few curious kids and a drive for his commendable support for local childrenís education to set him thinking that he would be making a misguided mistake not to open it up to the world, or at least to this little corner of it, through his own experience as the child of Laviť he once was.



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