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The House by Suzanne Elliott

The House

by Suzanne Elliott

182 pages
Elicits excitement and the afterlife connection.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Murder, explosions, ghosts, house invasions, hidden rooms, blackmail, memories, and love are packed into the exciting book called The House.

Summoned home from France, Kristy Vance is shocked to learn her aunt was murdered. Coming home brought back childhood memories that tugged at her heart strings along with the tragic memory of the death of her parents when she was twelve. Her father's sister became her guardian.

Walking through the mansion she felt cold spots in the master bedroom and questioned a feeling of a presence. Asleep that night she felt something touch her. Thinking she must have dreamed it, she dismissed the thought.

The mansion, built by a Quaker family to aid slaves in the underground movement had fourteen rooms plus several hidden ones to house the slaves. Kristy's Quaker ancestors bought the house after the slave movement ended.

The second night Kristy had an intruder who fled when police arrived. Fear and home suddenly became synonymous. The safe home she knew no longer existed.

Kristy met with the family lawyer James Michaels. There was something in his manner. He couldn't look her in the eye and she found herself not trusting him.

A surprise encounter reconnected her with Grant, her former beau. Sensing her fear he offered his guest room to her. She in turn offered to have him stay there. He accepted to keep her safe. She felt relieved, but worried for his safety. Their relationship progressed.

Apparitions start to appear bearing the faces of her dead parents. Though they couldn't speak, they came to her aid in several instances. Kristy awoke to someone trying to choke her. Her father appeared in full body and threw her attacker over the stair railing breaking the neck of the intruder.

She found evidence her aunt was blackmailing someone and had been threatened. The lawyer tried to interfere with the aunt's funeral arrangements and Kristy had a restraining order served. The next day a Molotov cocktail was thrown into the garage destroying the building.

Kristy's house sat on a hill above the Cumberland River. She was looking down at the water when someone pushed her into the river. Grant heard her scream and dove in and rescued her.

The lawyer became the prime suspect. The police re-opened the inquiry into her parent's deaths. The plane owned by her father's company had been sabotaged. Michaels had ordered the plane overhauled. The mechanic quit the day before the crash and the day of the crash, $20,000.00 was deposited into the mechanic's bank account. The police arrested him and put out an APB on Michaels.

Making bail, Michaels broke into Kristy's house and waited for the two. He took them to the basement and locked them in a room. He told them he was going to blow up the house. The apparitions appeared and led them to a secret wall which opened into a cave. Did they escape and did James manage to flee?



About the Author
Suzanne Elliott Sue Svehla a.k.a.Suzanne Elliott... author of four books:New Account Murders, Willoughby, Jennifer, and The House. Cambridge Who's Who recognized the author as an honored member and qualified her for inclusion in the 2011-2012 Edition of the Cambridge Registry of Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs.



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