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A Madman's Marionettes by Chesh C. Lebeau

A Madman's Marionettes

by Chesh C. Lebeau

356 pages
Robots, monsters, and a carnival with some strings attached.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Allyk lived a fairly normal life at a fairly thankless job, but when robots attack London, things take a turn for the worse and she's thrown into an unwanted adventure with her tired coworker, Kast, and her annoying cousin, Coot. Armed with regret, her sharp wit, and a gun that's not up to code, she has to survive when pitted against robots, werewolves, a fun filled carnival (some strings attached) and a veritable menagerie of monstrosities.

It all comes down to an industrial basement of a scientist with too many issues to count, including, but not limited to, cut funding, trauma related to an accident involving Kast, and an attempt to control Life and Death itself.



About the Author
Not much is known about Chesh C. Lebeau. For all we know, they could be, and probably are, a trench coat full of cats. If this author is spotted in public, don't be alarmed. Or, by all means, be alarmed, just don't draw attention to them.



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