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The Founders and Early History of Geneva, Kane County, Illinois - Volume I: Beginnings to 1837 by Adam Gibbons

The Founders and Early History of Geneva, Kane County, Illinois - Volume I: Beginnings to 1837

by Adam Gibbons

732 pages
Early history of Geneva, Kane County, Illinois (to 1837)

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About the Book
Geneva, Illinois has a vast and rich history dating back more than one hundred and eighty years. Although conventional wisdom holds that Geneva was founded by the Herrington family alone, this is far from the case; in fact, there were several families well-settled in the vicinity before James and Charity Herrington ever laid eyes on the Fox River. Discover the stories of each of the men and women who founded this place, from housewives to holy men, from Harvard grads to horse thieves. Read about the first years of Kane County’s existence, and learn the story of the beginning of a prosperous town. This work, years in the making, is richly illustrated, annotated, and indexed, and offers a glimpse of the families who founded Geneva, and the challenges they encountered when they first arrived.

It has been over thirty years since an extensive history of Geneva has been published. Today, Geneva is a town with a population of more than twenty thousand people; it is divided nearly in half by the Fox River, and the township contains just over sixteen square miles of land. In 'The Founders and Early History of Geneva,' readers will discover how Geneva obtained its name, the legend of the origin of the Fox River, and the stories of every family that settled in the village (now city) and township of Geneva prior to the end of the year 1837. Every effort has been made to include each and every family that resided in earliest Geneva, even if they were only in Kane County for a brief time. Many families from nearby communities such as Batavia, St. Charles, Warrenville, Aurora, and Virgil are also included. Study the text to find out which founder(s)... built the first frame house in Geneva; was a first cousin to Ralph Waldo Emerson; was born before the American Revolution; had a family of five sons well over six feet tall; died of a poisonous snake bite; was arrested as a spy during the War of 1812; falsely claimed to have named the village; deserted his family during the California gold rush; was the first European immigrant to settled in town; was killed en route to Oregon; knew Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln; had a property line running through the center of his barn; perpetuated a rare first name for five generations; was one of twenty-three children; attended Harvard; ran a store for over sixty years, and much, much more.

Find out what *actually* became of the first permanent settler of Geneva, and why the site of the village attracted so many settlers from New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. Long-stated "truths" about early Geneva are debunked, century-old mysteries are solved, and new questions are raised in this work, which runs to over seven hundred pages. A portion of the author's profits will go to benefit the Geneva History Museum, which generously supplied scores of its own images, some never-before published.



About the Author
Like so many early Geneva settlers, the author is a native of Buffalo, New York, a region where his family has resided since the 1820s. He obtained degrees in history from Northwestern and Wake Forest Universities. He moved to his adoptive 'home town,' Geneva, in 2006. He lives in the historic Snow farmhouse with his wife and two children.



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