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A Man Takes a Stand by Kelly Ingram

A Man Takes a Stand

by Kelly Ingram

140 pages
Four men make life changing decisions for their beliefs.

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
This is a story that examines what is that unique quality in individuals that compels them to act in a heroic fashion, when those around them conform with the majority. Each of the main characters are manipulated into a position that they must choose to act on their personal beliefs at risk of their freedom, or status, or career.

The book opens at a trial of a retired police officer convicted of murder. The small Indiana town where every citizen is tightly connected with each other, compels the Judge to pursue deeper answers than was divulged during the trial. He conspires with a newspaper editor to interview the convicted killer (who is also a retired local police detective) to discover why a person would seemingly act in direct contrast to the same law he had dedicated a lifetime to upholding. This plan to ferret out underlying truth thrust each character into discovering at what point they are willing to be in conflict with the law of the land to pursue individual freedoms guaranteed by the founding fathers.



About the Author
Kelly is an Police Officer, Army veteran, Husband and Father of four. He holds an Associate, Bachelors, and Masters degree from Indiana University. His writing are fictional in nature but designed to provoke the search for truth by his audience.



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