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June Bugs by Patrick Tannish

June Bugs

by Patrick Tannish

106 pages
Twin horses separated by tragedy and brought together by love.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
About the Book
Husky and his twin were known throughout the horse community because they were special; they were twin Thoroughbreds. Tragedy separated them and they soon found themselves traveling down very different paths. Husky -now old and disabled-tells his young friend the story of his life and the valuable lessons he has learned along the way.

Told from a horse's point of view, June Bugs takes the reader through the lives of two honorable Thoroughbreds. Although separated early on, they never forgot one another or their roots. June Bugs is a tale about brotherhood, friendship and the various battles we are faced with in life. Thanks to a wise, pompous cat, possible solutions are offered to both Husky and the reader.



About the Author
Patrick Tannish grew up on a horse farm with his twin brother and widowed mother. His upbringing has greatly influenced this book. Patrick lives in Northeastern Ohio with his wife and son. He and his wife are both teachers and love their profession.



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