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The Savant by Allen Hively

The Savant

by Allen Hively

380 pages
A story of love, loss, and finding love again.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Sixteen-year-old Peter Shaw is a savant, a brilliant musician, and wants to be like every other kid his age. Instead, fitting in is a constant struggle. Social interaction fuels anxiety, which makes him feel awkward and unable to relax. He finds solace in two thingsómusic and his love for Amy Stevens. The only time he feels comfortable is with her. Knowing Peter could be huge in the music industry, Amy challenges him to pursue his musical talent and takes him to a recording studio in Chicago.

Amyís mother, Abigail, a powerful defense attorney, is fuming when Amy and Peter return from their unauthorized trip, and forbids Amy from seeing Peter again. For fifteen months, the manipulative parenting continues to worsen, but Amy and her little sister develop an exit strategy to reunite Amy and Peter on her eighteenth birthday.

Peterís first album is a huge success; however, unable to share it with Amy, he is forced to cope with the world alone. Being rich and becoming a global icon means nothing to Peter, if itís without Amy. Even so, heís uncertain if she can live with the demands of his newfound career, but unknown to him, Amy is pregnant and taking desperate measures to be with him. A short time after being reunited, their love is put to an unspeakable test, when Amyís mother proves she will do anything to keep her and Peter apart.



About the Author
Allen Hively Allen Hively is a lifetime student of history, competitive skydiver, avid sailor, and scuba diver. Allen spends most of his free time skydiving and for the past five years he's been writing full time bringing his stories to life.



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