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Reaching America's Destiny by Don Bongaards

Reaching America's Destiny

by Don Bongaards

408 pages
How to Restore America's economy and influence in the world.

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About the Book
Hello -- my name is Don Bongaards and I'm a 73 year old retired engineer. I've been quite fortunate to have lived a relatively successful life and now I have an opportunity to give something back. I'd like to contribute my five decades of varied engineering experience, and recent research, to help America to once again become an economically strong "Shining City on a Hill," and an inspiration to the rest of the world.

I believe that America was founded on a series of miracles, and has a destiny that needs to be fulfilled. My 10 game changing ideas are part of a 50 year plan that not only gets America back on track, it also makes America more prosperous and influential than it has ever been. From this new position of strength, it can lead the world to better place.

Reaching America's Destiny is unlike any other book you have ever read. It's a book about a wondrous future for mankind and how we can get there. It's a guidebook that tells how we can revitalize America and save it from bankruptcy and hyperinflation. It's a book about how America can rescue the world's poor and destitute people from poverty, hunger, disease, and tyrannical oppression. It's a book that describes ten "game changing" ideas that can make the world a better and safer place for everyone.

The ten "game changing" ideas described in this book begin with creating the equivalent of a new gold rush that can act as a catalyst in restoring America's failing economy. Included in these ten ideas is what I call the 9th wonder of the world that can give new meaning to the words "We the People." I think you will be surprised when you read about the hydrogen fuel cell and why it may change everything you thought you knew about energy and transportation. You will also learn why we need to bring back the zeppelin, why we need to build an American grand canal, and why we need to build hybrid renewable energy parks. You will discover how and why my proposed hydroponic/manufacturing combos can help to feed the world's growing population and bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. In the longer run, these hydroponic/manufacturing combos can play an important part in rescuing the world's poor. Ironically, it's rescuing the world's poor that can play a major role in growing the American economy.

I call the centerpiece of my proposed ideas -- the Disney factor. Here, I describe why we need to build three 21st century cities, and why these cities will be an inspiration to America and to the world. My last idea is entitled "mining the sky." I believe that you will be shocked and amazed at how vitally important this is to our long term future -- especially with regard to population growth and the strategically important role that helium 3 needs to play.



About the Author
Don Bongaards Mr. Bongaards is a retired Westinghouse engineering manager. He has written numerous papers for international conferences and for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and currently holds seven patents. During his retirement years, he has written two books on why we need to transition to using hydrogen fuel.



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