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STAR OF THE KING: Revelations of the Supernatural Behind the Star of Bethlehem by Jeffrey W. Mardis

STAR OF THE KING: Revelations of the Supernatural Behind the Star of Bethlehem

by Jeffrey W. Mardis

180 pages
Deep in the Bible lay the answers to an ancient supernatural phenomenon!

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About the Book
Star of the King takes the study of the Star of Bethlehem deeper into the Bible than ever before. This book is not simply a superficial study of the immediate text of the Star, but follows the pertinent scriptural words, verses and clues to their most doctrinally-sound conclusion. YOU WILL READ AND LEARN ABOUT:

• You will see how the scriptural evidence alone, points away from popular astronomical and planetary theories, and to the root of the Star's true source.

• You will learn about how the popular Christian "Jupiter Theory", while intriguing, ultimately falls flat when stood alongside full scriptural scrutiny.

• No scientific jargon like "planetary conjunctions", "retrograde motion" or "astronomical occutations" are used to verify or explain-away the Star.

• You will learn how science can sometimes be misleading when used in an attempt to explain the Bible, and how such false conclusions regarding the Star of Bethlehem, are merely due to ignorance or denial of the scripture's clear teachings.

• No Hebrew or Greek words are proposed to help explain the "true meaning of the text". Simply reading the Bible, and believing the Bible, will easily provide all the answers.

• You will discover how the scriptures outline three distinct influences which affect the operation of the so-called "laws of nature", and how these laws are not coincidental or accidental, but processes put in motion by God Himself.

• You will read about the history of signs, wonders and miracles – how, when and why the Lord uses such things – and how such things contrast with the laws of nature.

• You will uncover the secret link between the Christmas accounts of Matthew and Luke, which helps blow open the door to discovering the Star's true identity.

• You will delve deeper into the Bible to learn more about this secret link, and how these details connect the actions and methods of God at the birth of the nation of Israel, to the actions and methods of God at the birth of Christ.

• You will learn about how certain aspects in history, for centuries, have echoed this link, helping substantiate what the scriptures have pointed towards all along.

• You will read about angels, fallen angels, the Angel of the Lord, the prince of the power of the air, Euroclydon, witchcraft, Bible symbology, mysterious appearances of God, and the legacy of the wise men. All this and more will be covered on your journey to learning the true identity of the Star of Bethlehem.

• Contains an abundance of study material, but can easily be read in one or two sittings.

• Over 40 images, maps, diagrams and illustrations

• Detailed 11-page index for easy topical research and reference.

Ideal for personal Bible study or church groups, Star of the King will help fortify and strengthen your faith in the Final Authority of God's written word. Makes the perfect gift and resource for yourself, or anyone who loves the Bible, at Christmas or any time of year. Available in paperback and ebook formats. CLICK ABOVE TO BUY NOW!


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About the Author
Jeffrey W. Mardis Christian author Jeffrey W. Mardis has been reading, writing and researching on Christian discernment issues since the late 1990s. He is the founder of Sword-In-Hand Publishing and a member of the Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA). His books lean heavily on King James scripture, standing out for their highly detailed and voluminous amounts of Bible references, and their easy-to-understand teachings. Jeffrey’s work has been featured on Christian internet, radio, and television, including Southwest Radio Church, Prophecy Watchers, and SkyWatch TV.



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