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Live Life Like A Bumble Bee: Everyday Opportunities To Grow And Develop by Anthony Lyle Smith

Live Life Like A Bumble Bee: Everyday Opportunities To Grow And Develop

by Anthony Lyle Smith

164 pages
Eliminate stress from over 30 areas of daily life.

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Category: Self Help
About the Book
Imagine having an easy and practical solution to your problems and emotional conflicts just a page or two of reading away.

You can start smiling because that is just what you have found. This book is the helping hand that we all need from time to time - be it from a friend, a colleague or a family member, but we would prefer not to "bother" them with our stuff.

The content of the book is "focus". There are 37 chapters covering as many approaches to different everyday life situations that often arise, and which we are forced to deal with. The books resources teach Everyday Opportunities To Grow and Develop.

This book represents a "take away" format of self help that allows individuals to continue personal growth and understand their life in it's many different areas, without their family or friends needing to know that they have received guidance.

There are chapters for most daily life challenges, how to understand them, and how to approach and deal with them. We are not perfect, and this is by far a perfect world. The book is derived from working as a therapist dealing with the areas of life that seem to come up more often than not.

The information offered represents an understanding of problem areas and solutions to challenges. When we are down and out, we seldom see solutions to our own problems, and therefore remain stuck. By seeing through the therapist's eyes and hearing through the therapist's ears you get to see the different areas of life whilst learning how to stay out of the negative spaces.

This book is for everyone who is living life as normal as they know how, for those who are doing the best they can, for those who are living life the only way they know how, and for those who are trying to live a better life - in other words it is for everyone.

Once you have gotten to the stage of wanting to make life that little easier the Bumble Bee comes into the picture.

Each chapter has an easing in to an approach to get you started and then when you are ready to go for it, you can Live Life Like A Bumble Bee.



About the Author
Anthony Lyle Smith Anthony was born and raised in South Africa,and lives now in Ireland. He is a well qualified Holistic Health Therapist and proprietor of a private Health Farm & Health Tuition Centre. His work as a therapist began at a young age when his mother developed arthritis, and he has continued on the healing path ever since helping others to help themselves.



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