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The Vampire Gaytooth: A Most Unusual Vampire by Michael Francis John

The Vampire Gaytooth: A Most Unusual Vampire

by Michael Francis John

250 pages
A world-weary vampire is unwittingly involved with mortals' affairs.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
An ancient entity roams the streets of a Southern California city. He "borrows" other living mortal bodies to perpetuate his journey in this world. During these sometimes brief tenures he interacts with the "living" often for the betterment of those he befriends. Somewhat world-weary after six hundred years of borrowed mortality he confronts an imam at a local mosque. His oral sex demonstration in the mosque is perfectly reasonable and the predictable outrage of the imam, absolutely unjustified. This unusual and debatable mindset, is the catalyst for the promised death and destruction retribution that inevitably follows. There is hope to be found in the hearts and minds of simple people. The falsehood of religious doctrine, east and west is examined. Beneath the main story runs an undercurrent of other lives, each in their own way reacting to the vampires touch.

A child molester, gardener, prostitute, waitress and meter maid all contribute meaningfully to the story. The vampire has a Niece, spoiled, willful, confusing, loving and exasperating to all who meet her. Through it all is hope and love, redemption is at hand but not from religion,God or sex. It is by DESIGN.


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About the Author
Michael John left the city streets of London to travel the world. He now lives in the parched high desert hills of Southern California. Lately his traveling is confined to exploring the dark labyrinths of his own unquiet but fertile imagination, reaching deep into old memories for inspiration.



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