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The Next Pharaoh by Sally Watson

The Next Pharaoh

by Sally Watson

384 pages
Becoming the next Pharaoh is more complicated than Horemheb supposed!

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
General Horemheb is confident of becoming Pharaoh when Ay dies childless. Over-confident? He understands men. But not, alas, women, who are as unpredictable and disobedient as cats. The gods, possibly offended, challenge him with plots, pretenders, disappearances, assassins, magic, and willful women--not to mention an imperious kitten who rides his shoulder and whose goddess he had better not offend! Becoming the Next Pharaoh turns out more complicated than he had supposed!



About the Author
Sally Watson is a top notch author of historical fiction. Her books have been recognized around the world for their fiery, independent female characters, historical accuracy and level of detailed research.



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