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How to Become School President by J.J. Martin

How to Become School President

by J.J. Martin

80 pages
The books shows students how the world of politics functions.

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About the Book
How to Become School President discusses the themes of power, diplomacy and hard work. The book was published for one reason: to help you achieve whatever goal you set for yourself.

This work seeks to show students how the world of politics really works by referring to familiar power structures within the education system. As politicians enact laws that structure the future of nations it is important for our youth to know how politicians think.

The book discusses how to plan a direct path towards the position of school president. It touches on important steps through this process including: getting involved in extra curricular activities, choosing a role model and political identity, running a political campaign, making allies, and the morals and values one needs to succeed.

Students interested in history and political science will find the book insightful. Students interested in other disciplines will find the book to be a friendly and flowing read. It is geared at those who have not had exposure to political literature and at those who have had exposure to politics and desire to acquire a completely different perspective of diplomacy at work!



About the Author
Born in Latin America, J.J. Martin migrated to Canada with his parents in 1989. Growing up in a Toronto suburb he quickly adapted to life in Canada. Above all, he quickly adapted to life in the Canadian public school system and gradually increased his involvement in extra-curricular activities. Eventually, this culminated in weekend visits to the public library and participation in student politics.



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