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SHIP WORLD by Kerry Burns


by Kerry Burns

418 pages
Adventure and romance on a colonial planet. One boy;120 women.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
This is the continuation of Cave World. Alex and the women escape from their caves and journey to a far continent on their colonial world. In order to establish a safe community, they must defeat three different kinds of aliens who are hostile to their settlement. They must win over organic poisons, sophisticated firearms and telepathic manipulation which compromises some of the women. They must also learn to live with extreme gender imbalance starting with only one male and slowly growing to over 10 and about 120 women.


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About the Author
Kerry Burns Kerry is a retired professor who now spends his time writing fantasy fiction and maintaining his small ranch in southern Montana. He has been a fan of fantasy science fiction since he was 9 years old. Ship World is the sequel to Cave world, but the story will stand alone.



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