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DESERT BONES by James C. MacIntosh


by James C. MacIntosh

242 pages
Alone in the desert, she needed to find help; quickly.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Two college archaeology students set out on a journey from New England to a remote section of desert in southwest Arizona, hoping to follow a vein in a promising dig site. Their trip was originally planned to impress their college professor, in hopes of securing a much better grade.

Shortly after their arrival in Arizona, things begin to go wrong and the young pair find themselves in a desperate fight for survival. After a horrific accident seriously injures one of the students, Wes Davidson, his companion, Antonia "Toni" Garvin, begins a long journey through the desert in search of assistance for her injured friend.

While Wes is left to deal with an array of hungry predators, Toni quickly learns that the desert is not a friendly environment. Sunburnt and disoriented, she must deal with a band of drunken revelers and a maniacal militia leader, while doggedly maintaining her goal of finding help for Wes.

When, after a few days, nothing is heard from Toni and initial attempts to locate her fail, an all-out search ensues.

Will the combined assistance of a Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy, a Native American father and son and a gregarious long-haul trucker help to solve Toni's disappearance? Will Wes Davidson survive his encounters with the wild animals?



About the Author
This is the seventh book by James MacIntosh, who, in 2006 received an Honorable Mention for his book, Teacups in the Snow, in a nationwide contest, The Next Great Book Competition. His unique style of writing has resulted in many readers becoming devoted fans.



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