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Nothing to Write Home About by Brook Simons

Nothing to Write Home About

by Brook Simons

224 pages
Good-girl goes bad in standup comedy world of the seventies.

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Category: Entertainment:Humor
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About the Book
It is 1977 when Connecticut girl Brook Simons arrives in Los Angeles to become a screenwriter. Homesick and naÔve, but ambitious, she falls into the narcotic clutches of the Sunset Strip standup comedy world.

Soon obsessed and in love with a talented, self-destructive comedian, she canít get off the train wreck that ensues. Laced with sex, drugs and violence, this fast-paced, good-girl-goes-bad, true-story romp poses serious questions about addiction, abuse, and the power of passion.



About the Author
Brook Simons is an American writer living in Pacific Palisades, California. She is a former film executive and the co-founder of Young Angels of America, a non-profit organization that teaches philanthropy, community service and stand-up comedy to teens.



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