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In Touch with Heaven by Gina Klein

In Touch with Heaven

by Gina Klein

122 pages
The author's personal encounters with angels and lost loved ones.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Grieving the loss of a loved one is a life experience unlike any other; a challenge that, for some, can seem endless. As each day passes, our minds continually busy themselves with the same questions: Is our loved one in Heaven? Can she see and hear us? Does he know how much we miss him? Will we ever see her again?

In her second book, In Touch with Heaven, medium Gina M. Klein brings forth memories of some of her earliest visits from spirit. She lovingly shares her personal encounters with heavenly angels and lost loved ones on the other side. Her lifelong communication with God's beautiful beings has shown her death in a whole new light. Our loved ones are never far away; in fact, they're closer than we know. They see us, they hear us, and they do communicate with each and every one of us. Gina's stories will help us better understand how to look for our loved ones' heavenly signs, and how to open our hearts and minds to trust and believe.



About the Author
Gina Klein Gina M. Klein is a medium, author and inspirational speaker. She devotes her life to connecting others with their loved ones and angels in Heaven and teaching how to become more aware of the signs they send us.



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