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The Trees of Malice: Stories of Horror and the Weird by Terence Kuch

The Trees of Malice: Stories of Horror and the Weird

by Terence Kuch

168 pages
Stories of Horror and the Weird

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
The Trees of Malice is a collection of sixteen stories of horror and the weird. The stories portray people like you, caught up in events where the ordinary, everyday world they know crumbles. Some of these stories could happen, even if unlikely; others take place only in the improbable world of the mind.

Several of these stories appeared in periodicals published in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia, where they received high praise as well as causing people look over their shoulders frequently, and not sleep well.

The plots of three stories are typical of the collection:

... Clarence Avery is having dinner at home when TV News reports that a man named Clarence Avery is wanted for murdering his boss and co-workers. Clarence doesnít remember doing that.

... Tylerís buddy Miguel is recruited by a strange mind-bending cult. Tyler escapes to find that the U.S. is being quietly overrun. He meets Micki, the only other person he can find who hasnít been Changed. They desperately pretend.

... Claire and Donald buy their starter home, a 1950ís Cape Cod. In their back yard, they discover a long-forgotten underground fallout shelter. Inside is a body.
The Trees of Malice contains these stories, and more.

Welcome to the land of Malice Ė where things arenít the way they seem.



About the Author
Terence Kuch Terence Kuchís writing has appeared in the U.S., U.K., France, Ireland, Canada, and Australia, including Commonweal, Diagram, Dissent, New York magazine, Washington Post Book World, Washington Post Magazine. It has been praised by the New York Times and Kirkus Reviews. His microfiction blog, Memorable Fancies, has logged 23,000+ page views.



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