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Ravens of Time Heap Havoc in the War of 1812 by Jane Reville

Ravens of Time Heap Havoc in the War of 1812

by Jane Reville

78 pages
Time-traveling ravens foil British plans in the War of 1812

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Children will have fun with history as they time-travel with two ravens, Peck and Tally, to the War of 1812. A storm deposits them on a barn roof. Surveying their surroundings, they realize they are no longer in present day Annapolis but on Dr. Beanesís farm in the midst of a war. The two ravens develop a friendship with Dr. Beanes. When the British arrest him, Peck, the more courageous of the two, uses his cunning and intelligence to assist his friend. Tally, Peckís faithful companion, follows Peck as they spy on Redcoats and disrupt their plans. Her obsession with food places the ravens in precarious situations that Peck has to solve.

Follow this pair of ravens as they harass British warships on the Chesapeake Bay, create a commotion with unwanted guests at Dolley Madisonís dinner party, and eventually assist Francis Scott Key. Peck and Tally will capture your heart as you fly through historical events and gain some tidbits about ravens along the way.



About the Author
Jane Reville, a former teacher, resides in Anne Arundel County, Maryland with her husband and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Living on the Chesapeake Bay, she has a passion for its historical treasures. She is author of The Plaid Robe, a Baltimore memoir, and is a blogger on Patch.



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