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BLOODY FRIDAY by Edmond Gagnon


by Edmond Gagnon

208 pages
Best friends from Belfast deal with drugs, guns and women.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Two best friends from Belfast, Ireland share a common dream of a better life beyond the borders of their small island. They choose different paths and their lives head in completely different directions.

In his quest to see the world, Patrick Kelly joins the military. He is sent to Viet Nam and becomes a sniper, trying to fight the spread of communism. After the war he moves to Toronto, first joining S.W.A.T. with the Toronto police and then the drug squad.

Jimmy Flynn is mad at the world and he joins the IRA. He fights a war against his own countrymen, in the name of religion. He moves to Boston and then Detroit, becoming involved in international drug and gun smuggling.

Norm Strom joins one of the largest street gangs in the world, becoming a cop in the border city of Windsor. As a drug cop, he learns the true value of police informants in his fight against crime.

The story starts on Bloody Friday, in Belfast Ireland and follows its characters to places like the jungle in Cambodia and cities like Boston, Detroit, Toronto and Windsor. Their personal lives and relationships unfold and intersect with each other, both in love and war.

Women, drugs and guns are the common denominator that eventually draws all three men together for one final and fatal reunion. In their individual endeavors to either fight crime, or profit from it, one of them will have to pay the ultimate price.


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About the Author
Edmond Gagnon Edmond Gagnon is a retired police detective. Upon retiring, he traveled and wrote a book of short travel stories called, "A Casual Traveler." After catching the writing bug, Ed created his Black & White series, writing his first crime fiction book called, Rat. Bloody Friday is Ed's second book in the series.



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