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Soul Eaters of the Ganges - A Gabe Turpin Novel by Gary Gabelhouse

Soul Eaters of the Ganges - A Gabe Turpin Novel

by Gary Gabelhouse

422 pages
Secret Cabal kills thousands to cover up ancient alien plot.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
When a shadow-government agency executes an entire town in East Africa because of what was seen, visiting anthropologist Gabe Turpin is also targeted, and pursued by a ruthless assassination team across the Great Rift Valley. Turpin begins to unravel the web of lies and cover-ups, to discover a profound secret...and a dark plot. Then, Turpin, a female geneticist and Judo player, and a mysterious mountain ascetic must race against time to derail the plot to steal the souls of the world's religious leaders, and thirty million holy men as they congregate on the Ganges amidst the largest gathering of humans on the planet: Allahabad's Kumbh Mela.


In SOUL EATERS OF THE GANGES, Gabelhouse paints a rich landscape of Africa in all of its splendor and squalor, and the High Strange of India, where holy men flood the waters of the Ganges with raw satori and transcendent spirit. In SOUL EATERS OF THE GANGES, such cultural exotica is mixed with ancient legends, dark conspiracies, sudden death, martial-arts action, and disturbing science, all to render a thriller for the spiritually curious.


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About the Author
Gary Gabelhouse Gabelhouse has worked as a naturalist, biology teacher, dock worker, pastor, hod carrier, Swiss climbing guide, martial-arts instructor, magician, door man, river guide, musician, curriculum developer, sales executive, and is currently an active author of thrillers, and CEO of a media-research firm.



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