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Amazon Diet by Pamela Saraga

Amazon Diet

by Pamela Saraga

110 pages
A group of women lose weight the hard way.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
The Amazon Diet is a fictional novel about a group of curvy women who decide to take an adventure vacation in Suriname to have some fun and lose some weight. This simple plan is complicated by the millionaire ex-husband who wants to eliminate paying his former wife's alimony by murdering her. Complications accumulate when he hires a young alcoholic, first time hit man. The expedition becomes stranded in the jungle, is joined by a monkey called Elvis and helped by a tribe of not too primitive natives.

The journey back to civilization sees the women confronting an unforgiving environment and men who want to destroy them. They find confidence, some find romance, Elvis finds a home and they all agree that anaconda tastes just like chicken.



About the Author
Pamela Saraga This is Pamela Saraga’s first book. She is newly retired from her job with the post office, which she describes as soul sucking. She was originally from New York but now resides in Northern California with more cats then most would consider normal.



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