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Carlsbad: A New Unabashed History by Charles Wesley Orton

Carlsbad: A New Unabashed History

by Charles Wesley Orton

162 pages
A new history of Carlsbad, California, based on new research.

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Category: History
About the Book
Did you know that at one time Hollandís famous flowers were grown from bulbs imported from Carlsbad, California?

And thatís not all. Far from being a sleepy seaside town, Carlsbad has a hidden history including:

How a clumsy dog in Europe gave Carlsbad its name
Real-life, walk-the-plank pirates
The man who drove a bullet-riddled car and guarded illegal Chinese immigrants with a chained monkey
The man who chased down and beat a street-sweeping machine to death with his broom
Why cowboy star Leo Carillo considered Carlsbad his favorite place
The Carlsbad entrepreneur who beat Colonel Sanders to fried-chicken fame
The rain maker who flooded Carlsbad and all of San Diego County
How Carlsbad made bottled water famous before Perrier even thought about it
Carlsbadís (almost) famous La Costa oil well
How Mexican immigrants saved Carlsbad from oblivion

And a lot more interesting stuff you wonít believe.
But itís all TRUE!



About the Author
Charles Wesley Orton Charles Wesley Orton is also the author of "The Colorful Coast: A Pictorial History of Newport Beach and Harbor," "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Things You Never Knew You Wanted to Know Anything About," "How to Annoy a Groundhog: Essays and Observations," and more than 40 other books, along with thousands of magazine and newspaper articles. His works have been translated into several foreign languages, including Latvian, Estonian, and Australian.



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