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Crop Duster: A Novel of World War Two by John Beatty

Crop Duster: A Novel of World War Two

by John Beatty

324 pages
Two men fighting against the odds and each other. Which will prevail?

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
WINNER: Honorable Mention - Writerís Digestís Self-Published e-Book Awards in Mainstream/Literary Fiction

Named "NOTABLE BOOK" in the Page-Turners category by Shelf Unbound - Dec. 14 / Jan. 15 issue!

From the ashes of the Great War of 1914-1918 arose a brotherhood of the air made of intrepid flyers in delicate machines who braved the odds and the skies. Between Germany and America there came two different ideas of air power, and what it might mean to fight and win wars from the air, and how peace might be preserved.

From these ideas arose the new breed of air warriors: flyers of bombers that devastated cities, and flyers of fighters that tried to stop them. Still the odds and the laws of physics were against both. But still there was the brotherhood of the air, the kinship between flyers that united them against outsiders.

This is the story of two such men caught up in the First Bomber War; a war not of their making, but theirs to fight, and to survive if they could.



About the Author
John D. Beatty is a professional writer of more than forty years experience in military science and in industry, and has written and published several books, encyclopedia entries and magazine articles on the middle period (1860-1960) of American military history. He lives and works in Wisconsin.



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