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ALL IN: My Amazing Journey as a Dance Dad by Tim Colley

ALL IN: My Amazing Journey as a Dance Dad

by Tim Colley

210 pages
A father-daughter journey to reach a dance dream

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
I pursued my childhood dream of a professional bowling career until I was twenty-one and realized that it wasn’t my destiny after all. Twelve years later I began a journey with my daughter to make her dream come true and it changed every aspect of my life. All In, My Amazing Journey As a Dance Dad tells the story of that journey. It's more than a memoir of how helping my daughter pursue her dance dream changed my priorities and strengthened our relationship. I feel it is an inspirational story of sacrifice, heartbreak, commitment and the incredible joy of being an "all in" father.

All In explores the highs and lows of competitive dance, blending my personal experiences and behind the scenes observations of the $2 billion-plus “glamour industry” with practical advice for parents seeking greater involvement in their children’s lives. My book offers a unique male perspective in an industry historically dominated by women and I believe it has broad appeal to parents, competitive dance fans and industry observers alike.



About the Author
Tim Colley First-time author Tim Colley is a devoted husband, father, son and brother, as well as an avid golfer, professional sports fan and baseball trivia buff. He lives with his wife and daughter in Alexandria, VA.



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