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The Essence of Power: A Time Vector Novel - Book 1 by Scott Kirkman

The Essence of Power: A Time Vector Novel - Book 1

by Scott Kirkman

462 pages
Transported to another universe, a teenager undertakes a dangerous quest.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Fifteen year old Johnny Archer's mind and spirit (his Essence) are extracted from his body and transported to another universe by Killara, an Australian Aborigine. A shaman from a time long past, Killara has brought Johnny to help fight a war.

Johnny is dubious, but Killara explains that here, freed from his body, Johnny’s power and abilities are limited only by his imagination and the strength of this mind. Labeled a genius by teachers, psychologist, and even the professors at the university where he goes for mathematics and physics classes, Johnny's mind is indeed powerful. Still, to unlock the true power of his Essence, Johnny must master the new set of rules now governing his reality.

Killara tells Johnny that the Scorpion hordes mass for war. Even worse, somehow, they have formed an alliance with the Red Ant Queen who commands a devastating army. The alliance is a mystery; the Red Ant Queens have always been neutral, even contemptuous, towards the conflicts of the other races. Killara believes a mysterious practitioner of the Dark Arts, known as the Wizard, is behind this unnatural alliance.

Hoping for a place to finally belong, where his intelligence will be a source of power instead of a reason to be ostracized, Johnny agrees to venture on a dangerous journey. Now, he must unravel the mystery of the Ant Queen's cooperation and break the alliance before the free races of the Continent are slaughtered.



About the Author
SCOTT KIRKMAN discovered his passion for writing as a teenager. Open-topic writing assignments provided a creative outlet for the wild stories previously bound up within his imagination. Scott’s passions also include dancing with his wife. They live in Menlo Park, California with their son and the family’s beloved parrot.



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